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call it what it is you call it what you want to
23 October 2018 @ 01:30 pm
We do not exist.

Were you expecting something else?
call it what it is you call it what you want to
This journal is no longer in use.

If you would like to follow my public journal, please watch spring90_hsj
call it what it is you call it what you want to
22 July 2008 @ 01:05 am
Friends cut:
_touched, a_to_the_z, annaology, ashmanrocks, awindingroad4, bridget_x_alena, coenzyme, dreamer4life78, dwarsement, ech0esinmybrain, notoriousreign, franztastisch, fresco_senorita, genuyn, green_glitter_, hazel2303, helloloveyoubye, honeyxhello, horselovergurl, neated, juice_box01, kelsparkly, lemccartney, watchasifall, mariannnne, mary52, microcutts, momus, nicotine_skinny, prettyadorable, rawkin_ur_sox, scherre, somersaulter, soulspiritdebv, spifftronica, summerkaye, teardropxx, technococaine, thusspoke

Some reasons you may have been cut:
- We've grown apart
- You're never around
- I don't read your journal (I don't think it's fair for me to not read your journal)
- I can't remember who you are (If you update once every two weeks or so, chances are I don't remember who you are.)

There are also people I cut because I figured they no longer want me on their f-list and would rather I cut them first. That being said, if you would like to be added back, please ask. At least half of these people I only cut because I figured they were just too lazy to cut me. Don't say "Oh, we'll it's up to you who's on your friends list", because that is bs. It's up to you as well. If you say that, I am going to be glad I cut you. If you're new and don't feel like I got to know you well enough - feel free to ask to be added back. This is not so much an "OMGZ NEVER WANT TO SPEAK TO YOU EVAR AGAIN", but a "Hey, I assumed you don't like me - If you do like me, say so and I'll add you back."

If you would like to know why you were cut, feel free to ask.
call it what it is you call it what you want to
Stolen from Emily (nocturnes)

Post anything that you want here, and post it anonymously. A story, a secret, a confession, a fear, a love, what you think of me, your parents, boyfriend, anything. Just make it honest. Make sure to post anonymously and honestly. Post as many times as you'd like. Then, put this in your LJ to see what others have to say.
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call it what it is you call it what you want to
27 May 2008 @ 12:00 pm
So! Epic concert post. I'm going to start this off with the bad news first: I didn't manage to record it because of where I was standing, it was too loud. We got there at 7:30 and it turned out that the doors only opened at 8:00. So we waited for about 45 minutes. Then we got in. It turns out that to get to about 3/4 of the area, you had to have an ID, and that includes in front of the stage. So I didn't get to be all ~front and center~, I ended up right in front of a stack of amps. So, my ears are still ringing, but I had a decent, not super crowded, close view of the stage.

For the house music, they were playing Radiohead's OK Computer. So, Matthew Good concert and they're playing one of my other favorite bands? Sure!

After awhile, The Spades came on. I had downloaded some of their stuff when I found out they were opening for Matt, one of their songs I really liked, and the rest of it was alright. So I was super glad when I found out that they are freaking AMAZING live. ALSO THEY ARE PRETTY. Mom said "Wow, they're really photogenic" and I went "LOLOLOL JAMES IS HOT."
So yes, The Spades were awesome. They were just rocking out on stage, the lead singer/guitarist, James, played the drums with the drummer for one song, which was awesome.

Then when they were done, they said they'd be at the merch table, so we went over. Conversation:
Me: Hi, I'm just here to tell you that you're awesome.
James: Really?!!?! Thanks!
Me: Oh, and to get a picture.
James: Sure
And then picture blah blah blah.. I told him he was amazing on the guitar, and he did the really, thanks thing again.. he looked surprised, but he was really good! Also when we took the picture I think he was dripping on me lololololol. OMG NEVAR WASHING MY HAIR AGAIN.

THEN. We waited. And Matthew Good came on stage. Man. I love him. You just can't put into words how awesome it was. Songs full band, freaking blew my mind. Stu was amazing on guitar, by the way. Matt seemed like he was in a really good mood, because he kept swearing (He dropped an f-bomb during Hello Time Bomb, and changes the lyrics in I'm A Window to "Don't fuck the princess, fuck the maid") and he was jumping around a lot.. so he seemed like he had a really good time! He obviously made jokes about the venue. They had these random shapes hanging from the ceiling, and he said they were tripping him out, it was hilarious. He was talking about being all sweaty and stuff, it was priceless. Like this:

"Hey kids, don't wear shirts with buttons on them because your shirt will turn into a lake. Oooh, that's sexy. Ooh baby, go to the gym, because when you come home from hockey I just wanna fuck you."

I ALMOST DIED LAUGHING. I'm actually still laughing about it. IT'S JUST THE END. And then someone in the crowd was shouting something, so he said:

"Oh, sorry, did I offend you? You play hockey? Do you also use AXE?"

LMFAO. I'm going to go around saying "DO YOU ALSO USE AXE????" for forever. I love when he does the banter, he's just way too hilarious. LMAO. SETLIST:

Champions Of Nothing
A Single Explosion
The Devil's In Your Details
Hello Time Bomb
Born Losers
Load Me Up
Put Out Your Lights
Blue Skies Over Bad Lands
Black Helicopter
I'm A Window
99% Of Us Is Failure


Personal highlights were:
Champions Of Nothing, for obvious reasons.
Weapon, because HELLO. Yes, I died. It was amazing.
Hello Time Bomb. This is actually the song that got me to listen to more Matthew Good Band, so I'm really glad he played it, and it was seriously just amazing. He got the crowd to sing along.
Put Out Your Lights. I have not informed you all of my love for this song! When I first got WLR&RR this was one of the few songs that I immediately liked, and I'm really glad he played it.
Blue Skies Over Bad Lands. I LOVE THIS SONG. It's just.. lkhdsfkjgshd, yeah. It was pretty high up on my list of "Songs I must see live"
Giant. I DIED. SERIOUSLY. I can't even tell you how excited I was that he played it. I have no words.
Avalanche. I saw this at his acoustic show in October, I honestly didn't like it as much acoustic, but full band it was amazing. Avalanche has always been one of my favorites, After Weapon it was the first of Matt's solo stuff that I really liked, so obviously it was amazing.

After that we went to the merch table. The rest of the guys from The Spades were there, so we talked to them and the tour manager for 15 minutes, and Mom showed them the pictures. The drummer is also pretty, he kinda reminded me of John from The Libertines. And the bass player was just really, really nice.

So then we went outside to wait by the tour bus for pictures and stuff. There were two guys who kept screaming "PLAY RICO!!" and they were standing right next to the bus. Thanks for being obnoxious! Apparently they shouted "RICOOOO!!!!" at Stu, and he just said "Who's Rico?"

Then we met Matt, I manages to say more than "UM, GOOD." this time. I asked him if the show this time was as good as the last one here, he said yeah. Mom told him the pictures would be on flickr and he said "fantastic!" lmao. I'm just glad he had a good time.

Quotes and pictures under the cutCollapse )
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call it what it is you call it what you want to
My thoughts on the content strike.

I'm going to start this off by saying that I'm not against the strike - I just think everyone's going about it the wrong way.

"We are used. We are a society of used individuals who are coddled by the warm radiation of television and the voyeuristic thrills of cyberspace. We exist in a vacuum that has taught our children to complain about the rights of the individual while instilling in them the need to consume"
- Matthew Good

Dictionary.com defines the word strike as:

42. (of a union or union member)
a. to declare or engage in a suspension of (work) until an employer grants
certain demands, such as pay increases, an improved pension plan, etc.
b. to declare or engage in a suspension of work against (a factory, employer,
industry, etc.) until certain demands are met.

Having a one day strike won't do anything. Because everyone will be back again the next day. If you really don't like what Livejournal is doing, go find another site to use. They're not going to change anything because a bunch of people don't post for one day - because they know it's only for one day. If people stopped posting until they brought back basic accounts to new users? That may work.

I have to say that I think it was very crappy of them to not let anyone know about the taking away basic accounts for new users until after they did it, and about the interests stuff that went down.. I just think a one day strike isn't enough.

That quote up there? Is exactly what's going on in LJ. People complain about how crap it is, or how they want things changed, yet they still use it (I'm only talking about the people who complain all the time. I realize that there's a lot of people who are completely content with LJ). If you don't like it, don't use it. Simple.
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call it what it is you call it what you want to
27 January 2008 @ 09:14 pm
Everyone knows how these work, fill this out then ask people with common interests to be friended. Have fun!

Also, pimp it like there's no tomorrow (Really, there's no tomorrow - didn't you get the memo?)
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